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in afghanistan, fighting side by side against the taliban. >> i got my last member of maya it in home. i can breathe a sigh of relief for the first time in five years. i got my buddy home. they reunited late last night. he flew into washington's reagan international airport. the last leg of 15-hour journey out of afghanistan i i'm glad we finally made it. >> reporter: did you ever think this was not going to happen? did you ever give up hope? >> i had a brother here to fight for me and i was thinking that i can make it. >> reporter: for zeller it was a fight for his life. >> in 2009 my name was on the taliban's kill list. >> reporter: he became a marked man after two were caught in a taliban am busch in eastern afghanistan. >> we saw the first truck was plun up by an ied and i saw he was away from the other units and shooting against the taliban. >> reporter: zeller said that's when shinwari shot and killed two insurgents sneaking up behind him. >> i mean he saved my life. >> and you saved my life. >> well, we're even. >> reporter: zeller was at the airport hours before shinwari's flight lan
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1